Dinner with Friends at Prime Joint

Met up with some friends during the week and finally made it to highly rated as well as recommended Prime Joint. It was considerably busier than I thought it would be for a weekday, was getting a bit of anxiety being around so many people because it has been a while. Luckily a table was free outside which we all agreed was a better option even though it was a chilly night.

Service was slow to start just to get drinks, so it was one of those situations where you had to order the next drinks by the time the first dinks came, it was that busy. We did complain then service did get better.

Starters looked good and tasted even better, the majority of us ordered the pork belly as a main which was quite fatty but so good worked very well with the mustard mash, vegetables and apple sauce. I can confess to even smacking my lips a couple of times but most importantly there was crackling that came with the pork which is an absolute winner. Absolutely could not stomach dessert was too full after that but I think I need to go back just to make sure my taste buds agree with me some more. One thing we all agreed on, is that the food is good we get what all the hype is about, without a doubt good vibes only.

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