About Me

The Points Of Lu

This is for my love of exploring and sharing my favourites with you.

ThepointsofLu is a nominated lifestyle blog created by Lu after moving from Scotland to Zambia as a result of friends and family asking about makeup, outfits and where to eat advice. It was only after a friend suggested that starting a blog would be a good way to put it out there and have a point of reference, did it all begin.

After realising her love of being creative but never quite finding the right outlet for it all. Drawing and painting here and there, experimenting with hair, makeup and questionable fashion choices, it finally came to be. Many of her highlights include sharing her love for food, art, beauty, travel, culture, exploration and everything in between.

So, hope you enjoy taking this journey with her as much she enjoys giving you her points of view. Catch up with with her on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Pinterest to see what she gets up to outside the bloggersphere.


Please note that all opinions and views mentioned on ThePointsOfLu are my own and they are mentioned for information, amusement and reviewing purposes. Everybody has their own opinions and these happen to be mine and I do not wish to offend or insult anybody with what I write.