About Me

The Points Of Lu

Hello, my name is Lu and I am a Zambian lifestyle blogger sharing my love for food, art, beauty, travel and everything in between.

It all started out as a hobby with my friends always asking me to take pictures of my makeup and outfits as well as me flooding my Facebook page with endless photos, check ins and telling friends and colleagues what I was up to, whether they asked or not as you do. Had it not been for my friends who kept telling me to start blogging and that I would be really good at it I would not be here.

I also realised that I have always loved being creative but had never quite found the right outlet for it all. A bit of painting here and there, experimenting with hair, makeup and questionable fashion choices, here we are.

So, I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me as much as I enjoy giving you my points of view. Also catch up with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Please note that all opinions and views mentioned on ThePointsOfLu are my own and they are mentioned for information, amusement and reviewing purposes. Everybody has their own opinions and these happen to be mine and I do not wish to offend or insult anybody with what I write.