On the Road: Zambezi Escarpment Views

Some months ago before the rain had subdued, we went for a drive and ended up past the end of Leopards Hill Road all the way to Chongwe. We were curious and turned right at the junction onto the Chirundu Road to see what was there and how much further we could drive, only to discover that the road is being done up and some of it partially graded we only turned back because we almost got stuck which would have been a sticky situation.

Months later a friend reliably informed us that they had recently used the gravel route and it has gone further than our previous stop, so that’s the way we took to Lower Zambezi. Although the road is literally still under construction with multiple bumpy bits the stunning views of the forest are unmatched. When you get to the peak of the mountain the vision of the Zambezi Escarpment comes into view. The escarpment is on both sides of the rift valley which lies in the middle of the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba.

Not the smoothest of drives but it will get you there in about 3.5 to 4 hours or so with no traffic. There really is a lot of work going on all I captured is a snapshot. The idea is to have a proper road all the way to link Lower Zambezi to Lusaka and as much as I understand that there are many remote communities that need access to roads as it is difficult for them to connect at the moment, really hope that they do not grade more than they need to because the forest is really beautiful and needs to be preserved.

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  1. Chilalo Mumba says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog. Planning on going to Lower Zambezi in the near future. How good is the road when descending down the escarpment?


    1. Lu says:

      You are welcome. The road is bumpy you need a 4×4 without a doubt but the views are stunning


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