On the Hunt for Sulphate Free Products

Since the pandemic hit it has been difficult to find certain products because borders are closed which has really put a dent in the supply chain, but it is what is right now. Had to venture beyond my usual go to places because they are out of stock when it comes to sulphate free products, have been desperately going around shops and pharmacies looking and searching but keep getting the same answer that their supplies are taking a while to come to the country but luckily I found a handful of products and ordered some which is all I need to reduce any levels of irritation.

Have spoken about my skin sensitivity in the no sulphates post and what products my skin can tolerate as well as what to look for when reading what ingredients are found in the products you buy, which are no sulphates and no parabens. SLS free means it does not contain the chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulphate a foaming agent in many common items we use.

Body Wash

Finally found some Dove 0% sulphate free shower gel just last week and as usual there were only a handful on the shelf. Very grateful for that because it is what I use most of the time and it is easy to spot as it tells you on front of bottle.

Discovered the Essential Skincare brand when I was at Nkondo Campsite and it is made in Zambia produced locally by a lady in Mazabuka. So pleased that they have a spot inside Prime Joint at Eastpark Mall. The cool thing is that they have a refill station for your empty bottles, so zero waste.

Woolworths food hall has some good selections of body washes that are mostly sulphate free and labelled vegan.

Body Lotion

Thankfully a lot of pharmacies do stock the sulphate free Palmer’s body lotion which leaves the skin soft and supple. Noticed lately that the price keeps going up every time I restock which is why I can’t afford E45 anymore because the price is out there.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Woolworths again deliver with selection of shampoo and conditioner that is all sulphate free.

Thankfully still have my stash of Ogx shampoo only which I have used for a number of years now and it smells devine.


Baobab Swirls is a small business that has some vegan soaps in their range which I think is wonderful for us sensitive folk.

I do like the cinnamon and oatmeal cleansing bar from Woolworths it does the job and is a very affordable alternative to body washes.

Facial Products

Spoken about these products in my weekly routine post which help reduce signs of sun damage. Glad that I now have a range of products for the coming months which is a huge help with my skincare routine.

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