Skincare: No Sulphates Please!

While with most people it’s easy to use any product and is not something they have to put too much thought into, my case is different like many people who react to sulphates as highlighted in my blog post living an sls free life. So, I recently got my skin tested at the Face Shop to see what other products I could use and results came out at 92% sensitive. Now, I knew that I was sensitive but never thought it would be that high, absolutely gobsmacked! Here are my current favourites and a few new additions I’m using that help me stay away from any irritants and reduce inflammation of the skin, eyes and scalp.


The Head

Ogx Cherry Blossom Ginseng is still my go to favourite shampoo and conditioner out of all of them. It leaves my scalp feeling fresh leaving that amazing cherry smell and my hair is not brittle plus my scalp is not flaky afterwards which is very important. I am yet to try the Baby Dove or Child’s Farm on my hair simply because I’m so used to the Ogx.


The Face

Finally got my hands on the Purity Plus Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub which creates no lather just does what it says on the box ‘detoxifies’ and keeps your face feeling ‘woke’ in the morning without that feeling that your natural oils have been striped off. A bit late to the party but got on the Korean beauty bandwagon, currently using the Chia Seed Toner and Face Masks with different natural extracts which revitalizes your skin, lets see how that goes.


The Skin

Apart from my beloved E45, I have been using Epaderm for a number of years now after it was prescribed in emollient form. Now trying the cream and it really moisturises my skin overall and helps alleviate any eczema symptoms. Still use the Epaderm Emollient on occasion to wash and apply on skin which helps with restoration should there be a flare up. Discovered Child’s Farm and I like the smell plus it’s not harsh as it’s made for sensitive skin. The Organic Shop Macadamia and Avocado Shower gel is another option that I am loving. After all that is done, I use Dove body lotion spray especially if the weather is hot and humid as it’s really light on the skin, makes for an easy application because it’s non-greasy and easily absorbs on the skin.

Unfortunately, a lot of daily household items contain sulphates and it is not always possible to avoid them completely as the hands are in constant use but for the rest of the body it’s no sulphates. Overall, it is pleasing to see that there are plenty of options out there for sensitive skin but not all of it is affordable.

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  1. Mwansa says:

    Where do I get that charcoal exfoliant from?


    1. Lu says:

      You can get it from Amazon I have linked it in the post.


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