Idyllic Lunch At Orchard The Farm Shop

Stumbled upon Orchard The Farm Shop on Instagram and thought it looked idyllic for lunch so called them up to ask for the menu, get directions then reserved a table, which I suggest you do because as much as the place is charming it is not that big and is really popular. Located about 12 km past the airport roundabout towards Chongwe on Great East Road to your left. A bit of a drive but worth it if you are looking for something different which they do offer.

Really liked the fact that they are unique in that, they are a farm with a restaurant which you do not get that often in Zambia, unlike other countries which is the norm. So meaning most of the products they offer like the artisan meats are their own, the fresh vegetables that they cook with and sell in the small shop are from the farm which is a great way to be sustainable.

The grounds are large enough for a wee walk and although the dining space is not that big as I stated, it has been utilised well with enough tables giving you a cool view with no buildings in the horizon just green land, blooming flowers and forestry which is what really made me fall in love with the location, especially since the blazing sun came out after a long rainy reason which made it feel like summer again.

Ordered the lemon grilled fish with potato puree which was smooth with no lumps and seasonal vegetables, but the star of the show was their hot sauce which worked for me dolloped on the side. Had a bit of a wander around the nursery after lunch although it would have been nice to stay on a little longer but you know covid and all, I could not leave without getting myself some of that hot sauce from the shop. All in all, a blissful lunch really enjoyed the food and what they have done to the place which is nice to see and experience.

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