Nkondo the Eco-Friendly Campsite

After the delightful adventure of going to the Bangweulu Wetlands, we headed back to Nkondo Campsite (booked through Shamba Travel) which was a real treat and along the way saw how the local community lives as well as the kind of food staple that is grown which is mainly cassava. All the little kids along the way shouted huge “hello”, “hello” with lots a waves which was cool and kept us smiling on the journey back.

The campsite itself is powered by solar electricity, consists of six safari-style tents each with an ensuite bathroom and located in the beautiful Miombo woodlands. Although quite a distance from the main road worth the trip and compensates because it is so quiet and you get zero signal. If you are looking to go off the grid this place is the best, plus the people there are so welcoming and helpful which I really appreciated.

Our guide told us that the name Nkondo means war translated from Bemba which a local Zambian Language, named from the war that took place when the original settlers fought over land ownership by the river. We were guided through the woodland on our bird watch walking safari which was very informative and educative in the fact that the local community works hand in hand with the rangers to stop poaching and deforestation.

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