Exploring Kundalila Falls

Zambia has got so many waterfalls it is hard to keep count and even harder to find all of them but someone called Quentin Allen did just that. He went round and detailed all this in his book “Guide to Little Known Waterfalls of Zambia”, it has all the names, distances, which provinces they are located in, coordinates and pictures which is really cool. I on the other hand have only visited the mighty Victoria falls but that had to change it was time to explore Central Province.

Kundalila Falls is near the small town of Kanona in the Serenje district and is located 13 km from the main road. Set in the wilderness on the edge of the Muchinga escarpment and just falling over the lip makes this waterfall, as it is National Monument you pay a tiny fee of about $0.58 once you get there which gives you access for 45 minutes, and believe me you need that time especially when climbing back up.

As you walk down to view the falls you step on some white sands then see the white rocky escarpment near the top of the falls as you keep approaching you are greeted by one of the most spectacular views of the Luangwa Valley which is such a vision in it’s greenery and the lush blue sky.

You can not see the bottom of the falls from this vantage point you have to walk down, it is incredibly important to take a bottle of water and walk slowly when you go down because it gets steep in some places I slipped twice but it was worth it to see the water fall down whilst enjoying the tranquility of the place surrounded by wildflowers and the savannah bush.

Going back up was not so easy had to rest for what felt like ages to regain my strength, but the important thing is that I made it back to the top without rescue. If you like a good trek and you get the chance to go there please go and appreciate the landscape features, enjoy the panoramic views of the valley, rolling hills and low mountains, do the trek and breathe in the very fresh air and be one with nature.

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  1. Nanchi.blog says:

    WOW! What a fantastic destination. Such a hidden gem. Would love to visit it some day! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lu says:

      A hidden gem indeed. You should the walk down to where the falls flows is worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrew Shaw says:

    Lovely place! Ripe for making a small cafe or eatery for travellers along the LONG Great North Road


    1. Lu says:

      Agreed or a water station or some sort after the bottom hike.


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