Becoming More Sustainable


If there was ever a word that we hear a lot of now more than ever is Sustainability. What is it? It is something that can be continued or a practice that maintains a condition without harming the environment. One thing that isolation has taught me it is to look into becoming more sustainable as a human being and to make small changes but I have to become more conscious and that is important. Have made some changes over time with my sustainable checklist to reduces waste hopefully but find that the biggest hindrance right now is PLASTIC everywhere. It’s about making those little steps and changes and adopting it as a lifestyle. For instance, preventing food waste by meal prepping and freezing stuff makes me conscious about what I’m eating and helps me plan my meals and think about what I need for the week when I go food shopping. I have made a lot of sustainable changes and as much as I would prefer to switch to solar panels for renewable energy, unfortunately, it is not the most affordable. It is possible to make those small changes and become more eco-friendly in our lives and this is what I have done so far.

Reusable Containers & Bottles

I do a lot of meal prep so reusable storage containers and bottles are a no brainer really.

Herb & Vegetable Garden

You do not always have to have a massive garden a pot is fine to start with to grow your vegetables and herbs because it is worth it.

Reusable Water Bottle

I have multiple water bottles and these are a must especially since it is really getting hot and you need to hydrate plus easy to refill and carry around that’s why I like this particular bottle.

Reusable Beauty Products

There are now so many options out there from mitts, cloths, facial pads and puffs, plus the wonderful thing about reusable beauty products is they are eco-friendly and cost saving. I used to spend a lot of money buying face wipes to remove makeup now I use a facial puff plus it is easy to clean and dry. Discovered the refillable bottles of sulphate free body wash, shampoo and conditioner when staying at the eco friendly Nkondo Camp, life changing.

Reusable Bags

Of course most places now have a plastic bag ban even though some shops still give you a plastic bag should you need one at a small price, of course. There’s a little place called Grains and Greens that has zero plastics where you can buy fresh vegetables and other bits. I got a sprout bag from there which grew in like four days.

Baobab Charcoal, Oils & Remedies

We barbeque a lot in Zambia because of the good weather so found this man at the Lilayi Green Market who makes charcoal from the shell of the baobab fruit that way the tree is intact and nothing gets cut. Also makes these oils and natural remedies from the fruit which is very innovative and inspiring.

Compost with Nature’s Help

Environmentally friendly made compost with the help of worms very cool concept. Herbs have grown like a charm.

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  1. Sustain blog says:

    Becoming more sustainable with photos are lovely and thank you!

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    1. Lu says:

      Thanks for reading. We all have to do our bit for the planet.

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      1. Sustain blog says:

        You are welcome! Yes, we are..

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