The Serene Bangweulu Wetlands

After rescheduling numerous times due to you know what, finally got the holiday sorted but all I knew about the north-eastern part of Zambia was that there’s a beach with white sands and Lake Bangwelulu not much else. This trip was a very educative and informative one, admittedly I knew nothing about the wetlands and was pleasantly surprised that such a place existed within reach. The Bangweulu Wetlands is a wetland ecosystem adjacent to Lake Bangweulu and it is something you have to experience because pictures don’t do it justice although we drove all the way there you can fly there.

It as quite a distance from where we were staying to the wetlands but worth the early morning trip after teas and coffees because it was very cold. As we approached the wetlands I thought I saw moving trees in the distance but the closer we got realised that it was herds of the magnificent Black Lechwe grazing and what a stunning view it was never seen so many in my life.

I could have sworn that the lilies and weeds looked like snakes in my mind and at first found being on the water in a canoe on the swamp scary but our guide was reassuring. Tarzan was an experienced peddler and had us moving like we were in a speedboat in our quest to find the Shoebill which we finally spotted. After that excitement we had lunch at Shoebill island which was lovely because it got really hot in the swamp and a cold drink was much appreciated.

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  1. Dee Thompson says:

    Wow what a precious location – you’re really low in the water in those boats hey. No crocs?


    1. Lu says:

      It really is precious. I did ask about crocodiles believe me, but water is too low phew.

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      1. Dee Thompson says:

        So glad you checked 😬

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