Dinner At Latitude 15°

Situated in Lusaka’s Leopards Lane this boutique hotel boasts some fantastic art work and interiors. As you take your seat in the restaurant area to dine on all sorts of dishes, I had a beef salad, you admire all the beautifully crafted lighting and art deco all around.

Should you tire of sitting in one place you can take a stroll to the swimming pool lounging area or go to “The Other Side”, where the night’s entertainment was a group of Zambian drummers and dancers which wasn’t too loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think but you could definitely dance along to the beat.

Afterwards got given a tour of “The Works” which is a business working environment area where with open plan office spaces and conference facilities which you can rent for the day or week.

I have been to Latitude 15 many times but not for dinner. Overall, it’s a cool hang out spot because it is stylish, the ambience is great and the food tasty.

Lu x


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