Missing the Edinburgh Festivals

Having lived in the Scottish capital for many years I made sure that I enjoyed all the many festivals that are organised throughout the year.

So, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I decided to do a throwback down memory lane of everything festival as sadly I am not able to be there this year. From meeting Betony Vernon and the delightful Mr Pearl at the Fashion Festival then having a late lunch with them, to blind tasting or walking in the dark at the Botanical gardens relying on your other senses to guide you, to dancing in the street with freestyling performers, to watching a movie at the outdoor cinema for the film festival, anything goes.

The best part of it all is that you never know what you are going to expect. With plenty of variety there is so much to do, there are lots of talented performers from around the world. The organisers cater to every taste it is so much fun. There is no excuse not to go out and enjoy the atmosphere, good food, lots of laughs plus a catch up with friends is always welcome.

I have put a bunch of pictures together from the many different festivals and tourist sites that I managed to take because sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment.

Castle view at Ross Fountain
Fringe Event at the Botanical Garden
Usher Hall, Harmonium Project
Usher Hall Lit up with Opening Fringe Event
Museum After Hours Fringe Takeover
Statue Lady Standing Still

Edinburgh reaffirmed my love for the arts, I suggest you download the fringe app as it can get a bit overwhelming and get fringing no matter how busy the city may be at this time of year.

Lu x


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