Best 5: Places to Eat in Lusaka

In these unprecedented times when most countries are still in lockdown and going food shopping has become a less enjoyable experience we now consider ordering in, even though the President has said that all restaurants, gyms, cinemas and casinos should now be open. Understandably the hospitality industry has been hit hard but many eating places have come up with different ways to still deliver that restaurant experience to us in our homes.

There is a whole list of them using the AfriDelivery or Tigmoo Eats apps to deliver food orders and hopefully it might help keep our favourite eating places in business because I for one will remain indoors.

Before the lockdown I was on the hunt for eating places that bring something different to the table from great ambiance, service and of course the food. Lusaka has had a revamp of many cool eating places over the last couple of years, here are my best 5 places that I have been to more times than I can count and that says a lot about a place if you keep going back over and over.


As I said previously the opening of Afrigonia has brought an Argentinian flare that was missing in the city they upped the ante. Ordered some takeaway lamb a few weeks ago and the quality is still the same plus delicious as ever and cooked to perfection definitely worth it.

Chang Thai

One word to describe Chang Thai is consistency. This place is nothing but consistent from the first time I went there to date, the food is still the same standard and they make a good cocktail. No matter the season or time of year there’s always a crowd here the menu emphasis here is Thai food which is delicious I always have the pork belly.

The Marlin

Located at the bowling club this place has been around for ages and everyone says the same thing that they are consistent. It is usually packed there and is famous for its pepper steak.

Malabar Village

Designed around sharing dishes made cozy with the type of seating great range of dishes to choose from mostly speciality dishes from parts of Indian with plenty of flavour.

Sichuan Chinese Restaurant

Its location is almost completely hidden inside a warehouse in the showgrounds but the food is great. Had an adventurous moment here and tried pigs ears, it by far has the best dumplings in town. Although when it’s busy they tend to be slow but the food makes up for it. The menu is well thought out especially since they changed management has plenty of sharing options.

Although the list of eating places is extensive these are just the restaurants I have enjoyed eating at. Let me know your best 5 wherever you are in the world.

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