Come Dine With Me: Afrigonia

Afrigonia is without a doubt on the list of satisfying restaurants to eat at in Lusaka because the food is simply excellent. Originally located on the Copperbelt they made the move and are now in Woodlands which is fantastic.

The restaurant layout is simple with not too much of a fuss either but the food compensates beyond measure. In my experience, many eating places in Lusaka tend to have menus that are cream and cheese centred, so eating out for me means there is a high probability that I end up ordering the same safe thing which can get boring after a while.

However, I absolutely do not mind having the salmon ceviche to start and lamb as a main over and over and over again at Afrigonia. Their presentation style is just what you want to see when you eat out the lamb is so good, it makes you want to lick your plate (not even exaggerating).

They bring something fresh to the city with flavours if not mistaken that are from both Africa and Patagonia, making it stand out with excellent food that keeps you going back for more. The small layout of the place means that they concentrate on quality, not quantity.

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