Glamping in the Yard


Since we couldn’t go on holiday we brought the holiday to us, sort of, by getting reacquainted with the great outdoors in our very own backyard without forgoing any creature comforts. Camping is a wonderful adventure for all ages and you get to experience the outdoors properly but the older you get, you need to add some glamour to it like a toilet and running water lol even if it’s for one day only.

The tent is very spacious with a gas-lit fire and plenty of stargazing which was wonderful even though there was light pollution. It was good to do some on-site activities like reading, long chats, chilling and making burgers on the barbecue.

Does glamping at home fall under staycation or isocation? Not sure but thoroughly enjoyed it, because nothing beats a good camp breakfast with that first cup of tea in the early morning.

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  1. This looks like great fun! I’d love to be camping right now but stuck in the city! Greetings from London.

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  2. Lu says:

    Hello, London It really was. Much needed with everything happening. hopefully, you can camp soon.


  3. Dee Thompson says:

    With a spot as beautiful as that, I’d be happy to backyard camp too 🙂

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    1. Lu says:

      It really is and much appreciated in times like these.

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