Let’s Talk Entertainment Snacks

We have all kinds of snacks for all sorts of occasions from movies, netflix, road trips, meetings, anniversaries, brunch and of course the ones for entertaining. These days entertaining has been made easy because gone are the times of cooking for hours (christmas is the only exception) then dealing with the massive cleanup. We now want a more social approach and somewhat instagrammable at times with fun thrown in the mix.

There are plenty of options it depends on the occasion, the sort of company you are having over and what their dietary requirements, allergies or eating preferences may be. Summer time is the perfect time to have those social times to entaintain a barbeque is always a winner it all comes down to the presentation. Whatever you put out people can pick and choose what they want once it is all laid out.

Finger snacks are the easiest to make, you can eat and dip them in something saucy like a chimichurri, horseradish, apple jelly or sweet chilli, yum. You can make and arrange the snacks on a big round plate or board then place the dips in the middle making a centrepiece. Foods can include a selection of samoosas, crostini, bruschetta, charcuterie boards or platters which come into this category as they can be sweet or savory and include fruit, cold or cooked meats, olives, nuts, pickled vegetables or onions, cheese, pitta bread and hummus.


Tea and scones with butter, jam or clotted cream is also another great easy option if you add ham and cheese sandwiches then you have yourself a high tea afternoon. Making the antipasto party wreath is easy plus it makes for an excellent centrepiece for all your entertainment. If you are having any sort of get together this summer enjoy yourself whilst being the effortless host and have fun.

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