Food: Antipasto Party Wreath

The wreath is traditionally a Christmas decoration placed on a door. As Janworry is all about making savings, I wanted to do something with all the leftover rosemary and thyme from the epic Christmas dinner. An antipasto (plural antipasti) wreath was just the thing, due to its shape I figured I should have a stylish mini party platter. Not only it is great as an appetizer but makes for an impressive centrepiece.

Believe me when I say it is the easiest thing to put together and it hits all the spots. All I had to do was raid the fridge to see what was available to put together or you can buy all your favourite antipasto.

Made two options one with dairy and the other dairy-free. What do you include, you ask? Well, you can have whatever variations you want and have a variety of antipasto it’s all up to you but ultimately looking for texture and crunch in the final presentation. I had gherkins, green pepper, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion, garlic, ham, grapes, blue cheese, gouda and camembert as the dipping centre.

Assembly Instructions

Arrange the rosemary and thyme on a platter or big round plate in a circle then start putting the bits together some will fall off the wreath put don’t worry just place them when they can stay put. When you are all done sprinkle some salt and pepper over the wreath then drizzle some olive oil. Also place some cocktail sticks on the side to make picking the antipasto easy.


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