Lunch at Dulce By Jessie

Dulce by Jessie previously located off Sable Road is now at the Green Box on Twin Palm Road in Lusaka. Having always been there for mid week dinner I have found it to be very pleasant so the new location was the perfect opportunity so see what they offer for lunch.

The wine list is extensive and the food menu is your usual offerings of soups, pasta, burgers, steak, salads, wraps (you can order a gluten-free option) it is all very tasty and beautifully presented. I ordered the chicken and avocado salad but they seemed to be overwhelmed by the amount of people there and as a result service was slow. Waited just over an hour for a salad which finally came with an excuse the waitress seemed unsure at times, disappeared after taking our order and did not bother to keep us informed.

We sat outside as it was nice with a cool breeze but perhaps you need to sit inside to be noticed not sure, the food was tasty nothing has changed there. The location is a much better layout than the previous place I feel the bold colours and prints work every well together and makes the place more vibrant and sleek.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and go again but I felt like a change in location doesn’t mean you drop the ball or perhaps I should stick to dinner mid-week.

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