Travel: A Drive to the Village of Chamarel

The best way to find your way around was to drive around, or get a bus and venture out to get a full experience. Ventured to Chamarel a village located in Riviere Noire District after finding out the national drink in Mauritius is Rum made from sugarcane which they grow in abundance and use partly for electricity a trip to the Rhumerie de Chamarel distillery was in order. On the way there were these amazing green tea plantations that seemed to go for days as well as the mountains and valleys.

A visit to the waterfalls is every bit worth it but those tourists climbing over the edge of a cliff boundary to get that photograph had me a bit freaked out.

By the time we got to the Chamarel seven coloured earth it was is just after 4 pm and the sun started going down so didn’t properly get to see it in it’s full glory. Fenced off is the area of sand dunes which comprises of 7 distinct colours (yellow, red, brown, green, blue, purple and violet).

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