Itezhi Tezhi Sunsets

Took another road trip to a quaint little town in the south west of Zambia called Itezhi Tezhi which has a man made dam constructed on the Kafue river. It is about a 5 hour drive from Lusaka, most of the road is done up but some parts are a work in progress with rough patches in between but not a bad drive. 

Stayed at Musungwa Safari Lodge which was a very pleasant place with friendly helpful staff. The great thing about this place is that you could see the sunset on the lake from the comfort of your room which did not get old. There is no light pollution where we were which made the star gazing epic, the milk way shone through like an illuminated work of art.

The sad reality is that silhouette of the beautiful sunset and all it’s colours we disturbed because of the poachers burning the bushes to corner animals so they can capture them. One of the fires had been burning for 3 weeks just so they could get their way and there’s no regard for what they destroy in the process.

The wonderful thing about a game drive or safari is, it is always about the pick of the day which could be anything and what you happen to see or hear which makes the experience somewhat of an adventure. We started ours at 5.30 am just before sunrise until 9 am it was freezing even though I did remember to carry a throw couldn’t wait to get back and have hot tea to warm up. It was good to see all the animals like kudus, zebras, elephants, buffalo etc but I must admit once our guide spotted the lion footprints I was worried because I was in an open van and lions are not known to be that friendly.

I had never been to Itezhi tezhi before and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay for the few days I was there. Got to hang out at the pool, sort of got my Serena Williams on and played tennis, ate fresh fish from the lake, had avocado on toast and the real treat was the bar snacks which were so good, from  sugar coated roasted peanuts to crayfish and for that I will be back lol. 

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