A Mauritian Beach Day

A beach holiday means plenty of swimming, sunsets, sunrises, seafood, tanning and cocktails which Mauritius gave me in abundance. We were staying at one of the beautiful villas in Mont Choisy which is a 2 minute walk to the beach.


Mont Choisy has the longest beach in the north of Mauritius which forms an arc, surrounded by hundreds of casuarina (pine) trees almost making it hidden. The white sands and sea water which has a glowy turquoise colour once that sun hits the water into different layers of blue making it extra special to look at. The beach is normally busy at the weekend but you wouldn’t feel cramped just find a spot and settle in and you must have some ice cream although mine melted very quickly because it was blazing hot. We had a beach party one night and the seafood  selection was simple but exquisite and served with a green chilli paste on the side.

One of my many highlights was watching dolphins swim plus getting to swim with the fish and the turtles absolutely awesome and very surreal.

There are other beaches along the way like Grand Baie, Trou-aux-biches and Balaclava but all in all, to enjoy that beach life add a little sunset glamour like a kimono dress, a beach bag which brings an outfit together with not too many accessories just sunscreen, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses.


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