Staycation In Lusaka

Hello, it’s July already which means we get to find out if Jon Snow will be kept alive this season because let’s face it he knows nothing (I could not resist adding that line for all GoT fans).  It being the long weekend I was looking for a good staycation location to just relax at for a few days that was affordable. Finding accommodation in Lusaka can be a bit of a challenge found this place through Facebook, so I took a chance which worked out because it is private, easy to find, quiet and close to 2 of the main malls, Arcades and EastPark which are a 5 – 8 minute taxi ride away depends on traffic for like K5 (42p) one way. It is about 300 steps from the lodge to the taxi rank according to my pedometer.

Hand luggage packed and am off.

Wearing: Top: Zara, Shades: Asos , Earrings: DKNY

Recently opened, Zambian owned Chayil (Hebrew name in case you were wondering where it is derived from) Home Lodge is family run and prides itself on a great customer experience plus the price includes breakfast so am in, a no cooking weekend yes please!

FRIDAY: Check in was relatively easy got handed key and showed to the room, turned that key slid that door, got in and did a little dive on the bed, as one does. The room was spacious (pleasantly surprised I can’t lie not sure what I was expecting) plus there was more than enough closet space which made me think I should have carried a larger suitcase 😊.


By the way it is an alcohol-free zone, I am told they will expand to have a coffee bar in the future.


Decided to spend the night binge watching haven’t done that in a while. They have a reasonable number of channels well enough to keep me on binge watch.

SATURDAY: Had a good night’s sleep woke up feeling refreshed, got showered and went straight to breakfast to check out what was on offer.

Top & Shades: ASOS , Bag & Ring: H&M, Shorts: New Look

They do have a list of options for breakfast I was feeling indulgent so I ordered the Full English.

Although it is winter here it’s not extremely cold temperatures except at night. There are lots of sunny moments I decided to sit by the swimming because I needed some air after stuffing my face and the water just looked so inviting. I was tempted to take a dip in the pool but perhaps next time. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime so I ordered the butternut squash soup which was yummy.

After lunch continued lounging by the pool with my kindle reading a Stephen King book, Skeleton Crew, as I was waiting for my painted nails to dry which I always seem to smudge so I was patient. There are two sides to sit around the pool so opted for the side where the umbrella was as did not feel like getting a tan.


Chayil has dinner options as well but really fancied some Asian food so decided to go to EastPark Mall for

Dress & Bracelet: Asos. Bag, Earrings & Rings: H&M
Products Used – Foundation: Revlon & Maybelline, Lotion: Rituals, E45 & Bodyshop, Powder: MAC NC50, Lipstick & Blush: Sleek, LipLiner: Collection 2000, Mascara: Rimmel, Highlighter: MAC, Eye Shadow: MAC, Brush: Real Techniques

Got the K5 taxi you do have to wait just a few minutes for it to fill up I suppose that is why it is that price you are not riding alone. The taxi drops you off on the Arcades side so you just cross the road and walk across to EastPark. Found a place called Bombay Lounge sat down and ordered immediately. The wait was not too long for the starters and main or maybe it was, I was deep in conversation did not notice but I doubt it. The food was so delicious I swear the chicken was melting in my mouth still dreaming of it.


SUNDAY: Last day of stay so decided to head to Arcades Mall after breakfast for the Sunday Market (Pakati Market) and to finally catch the Wonder Woman movie.

French Toast for Breakfast
Palm Trees Everywhere

The Pakati (translated to middle because of the location of the stalls at the mall. Arcades are now undergoing some extension construction so the market has now moved right across from Protea Hotel) market has beautiful, colourful handmade Zambian crafts. There are lots and lots of other arts, crafts, paintings, wood carved animals, fabrics etc I just took a few pictures because I was distracted and spoilt for choice as well doing some serious price negotiations on a necklace I liked.

After the movie ended it was time to go and check out.


Stay Notes: Although it is a lodge it did have a kind of homely feel to it, small but cosy, the staff are friendly and helpful which is a plus. I enjoyed the stay it was exactly what I needed, thanks for having me Chayil Home Lodges. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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