A Floral Wimbledon Theme at Tigerlily


Plans to go and watch the Wimbledon finals in London didn’t quite go according to plan, so watched on screen. Being back in Edinburgh was just awesome as always because I got to see my family and friends and of course, go to my old stomping grounds to chill. Tigerlily is known for its instagrammable interiors and all-round cool vibe. They had one of the areas set up as a Wimbledon theme with a screen to watch the games from start to finish for a couple of weeks and guess to also celebrate a 100 years of the event, with tennis balls, rackets as well as drinks named after the theme.

It was a fun experience and buzz where the drinks were chilled well as it was hot outside, on offer was a specially tailored mix of cocktails and afternoon tea in line with the theme of Wimbledon which we all enjoy in the summer. They had a gorgeous and beautiful arrangement of indoor hydrangeas, allium, viburnum, and daisy garden with some tennis balls inserted here and there which all played well with the theme. 

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