A Crispy Fish Supper at the Newhaven Fish Market


Edinburgh has got such a dynamic mix of different types of food options that it is difficult to eat everywhere but I knew exactly where to go for fish and chips. Newhaven has a long history of fishing dating back to the 18th century and as much as some things have changed other things stay the same. The fish market and its signature red building is hard to miss in Newhaven located in a spot with wide-angle views of the sea which can be breezy on a cold day.

These guys keep it simple with this British classic by keeping it traditional using locally caught fish to give you a proper crispy battered fish supper. Giving you value for money with a generous portion size all cooked to order. You can have your food to takeaway or sit by the benches if you do mind the seagulls. The landmark lighthouse in the foreground, fish boats in the sea and the three bridges of the Forth on the horizon gives the Fish Market its charm.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    Are those onion rings as well? It all looks amazing!


    1. Lu says:

      It’s calamari


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