Keeping it Traditional at Mpoto Yathu


To celebrate Africa Day decided to show you a Zambian feast. If you’re in the mood to indulge in traditional Zambian food or if you’re looking for a different place to lunch then, Mpoto Yathu translated to “Our Pot” is your go-to spot. Arrived just before 12 pm as I was advised that it was very popular at lunch time which held true as many tables were already reserved glad we got a table. What I like about this place is that there are options for those that might not necessarily eat nshima (made from ground maize meal cooked to the consistency of mashed potato depending on thickness preference), but they can order something else from the menu and you can all eat togther.

To start ordered the African polony as it is called or Chikanda among locals, then for the main had nshima with beef oxtail, and a selection of three vegetables which were pumpkin leaves mixed with groundnuts (ifisashi), solwezi beans and cassava leaves (katapa). By the time the food arrived at our table it piping hot, the juices of the oxtail were so good and it was falling off the bone, the vegetables were cooked right as they should be. The serving sizes were adequate exactly what I wanted. Already thinking about going back to have the dried fish or hooves because I thoroughly enjoyed the meal we had and it hit my traditional craving.

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