Pleasant Pub Lunch at The Brewery


Last time I was at Ciela Resort it was a cold day but today felt more like a summer’s day perfect for a pub lunch. The Brewery is located on the hotel grounds and has been open for over a year and then some, waited for the hype to die down before I ventured forth. It boasts cool interiors and cool vibes. The bar is designed with the open brewery in the background which gives it its edge especially if you are a beer lover this will be fascinating as the beer is brewed on-site.

It offers sharing plates, a good selection of lighter meals and the usual menu favorites. Usually would have opted for pork belly but as there is an outbreak of African Swine Flu this was not available to order so had the battered fish and chips instead. It was crunchy on the outside soft on the inside, like the fact that they added tumeric to give the fish a nice yellow colour. Food was good overall with great ambiance but the most shocking part when the bill came was the fact that my non alcholic Malawi Shandy cost more than a pint of beer.

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  1. Excellent! Thank you 😊


    1. Lu says:

      Glad you like it

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      1. Yes. You are welcome 😊

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