A Coral Reef Seascape on the Indian Ocean


Known as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world a trip to Zanzibar’s coastline offers one of the most spectacular experiences in East Africa. As much as dinking cocktails on the beach and just looking into the ocean was a pleasure, really wanted to go snorkelling at first but it was an early morning type of activity and that was too much of an effort maybe next time. Looked at various options to get to the coral reef as the next option but some of the prices were out there, then someone had suggested we use the local fisherman for ten dollars each and they could take us as the reef was not that far away from the beach. As the boat approaches the reef all I could do is admire the views mother nature gave which almost looked so surreal with the clear crystal waters.

At low tide the water is so low feels like you can almost walk to the reef. The shallow reef stretches over several kilometers and what a phenomenal view the once on the surface actually looking at the sea creatures in their natural habitat, interacting and watching them move around was a great experience.

Coastal coral reefs play an important role in protecting coastlines against erosion and storms. Did not expect to see so many different coloured starfish having only seen the common hues of red or orange. Another surprise was that starfish can be hexagonal in shape not just the typically kind composed of a central disc and five arms. Had an awesome couple of hours in the indian ocean on the reef and couldn’t have asked for a better day thanks to the local fisherman.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    The colour of the water looks absolutely amazing and so does all the wonderful ocean creatures! I would love to exchange the dreary winter weather for something more colourful, it’s been raining here for weeks! Thanks for sharing and inspiring ☺️ Aiva

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    1. Lu says:

      The water is a crystal clear turquoise justin stunning and surprisingly shallow up to the reef when tide is low. Hope you get a chance to travel soon.

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