Travel: Exploring Historic Stone Town

Zanzibar boasts one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines with its white sands and turquoise waters, a trip there is one of the most spectacular experiences in East Africa. Stone Town located on the western coast of Unguja, the main island is the old part of Zanzibar City and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Zanzibar due to its amazing architectural structures and the rich history it represents and holds. The fascinating narrow alleyways in which you see houses, shops, hotels, mosques, churches, you could easily get lost in whilst walking around the meandering alleys when exploring. The fusion of cultures is evident at this UNESCO World Heritage site even though 97% are Muslim and 3% Christian everyone lives in harmony.

Keep an eye out for the bikes moving in the narrow streets when you are walking around. To gain an appreciation of the town you should walk around and explore, which will give you a sense of its character, the culture, food and the people. My guide gave me quite a history lesson which was wonderful to learn to see. Learnt that the city was prominent in the spice trade and that after slavery was abolished in 1873, the slave market in East Africa was one of the last places to close down. The beautifully hand-carved Zanzibar doors symbolise the wealth and wishes of a household, the spikes on some doors were made to try and stop elephants from attacking the homes. It takes over ten weeks for the doors to be completed.

The Fort is one of the oldest buildings in Zanzibar and now holds the film festival as well as a crafts market which is where I got a henna tattoo done. Forodhani Gardens which is across from the fort has a vibrant nightlife where locals gather to socialise, eat and the young adults dive into the ocean for fun.

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  1. Marie says:

    Gorgeous – was there in 2006 so thank you for the return trip!!

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    1. Lu says:

      Thank you. Wonderful place so much histroy it’s amazing


  2. Karen says:

    It absolutely beautiful , now am so determined to visit Zanzibar

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    1. Lu says:

      Thank you. You really should make a trip great experience


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