Surprise Birthday Lunch at the Rock Restaurant

A floating rock island out in the sea was the perfect setting for my birthday lunch at this upscale spot known as one of the world’s most iconic restaurants which offers incredible views over the Indian ocean, fresh seafood, and an amazing photographic experience. The Rock Restaurant is located at Michamvi’s Pingwe Beach in Zanzibar’s southeast, built on an existing rock just offshore so when the tide is low, the water disappears, so you can easily walk through the water get to it, and when the tide is high a small boat is available to take you across.

This place only has about 12 tables, which makes it even more exclusive meaning you need to make a reservation well in advance through their website before you get there to get a table. They serve fresh seafood, pasta as well as a variety of other dishes. Ordered the fish carpaccio served with a coconut sauce to start then squid as a main. An outside patio offers views of the Indian Ocean and allows you to relax. Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday lunch even though the place was super busy, like the fact that it is unique from other restaurants since it is right on the water so I won’t bother wearing fancy footwear next time.

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