Relaxing Beach Views at Zanzibella Hotel & Spa

After several hours of delays getting from Lusaka to Dar es Salaam which is only a two-hour flight, finally made it to Kiwengwa in Zanzibar to relax with beach views at Zanzibella. Although check-in was a little shaky to begin with, things were eventually sorted out. As a gesture of apology, we were offered a discount on our stay and a complimentary lunch to make up for the inconvenience. The hotel is still very new and there are a few details that need to be tweaked, but that doesn’t take anything away from the enjoyment of my stay. The room has a kitchenette for teas and coffees or cold drinks, it’s comfortable and clean with air conditioning to help cool you down. Overall, it was a wonderful experience staying here with all the staff and the owner being extremely generous, kind, friendly and helpful.

There was a wonderful cooling breeze from the sea as you sat and had breakfast which consisted of very fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice and a lovely layout with plenty of choices. The food overall was delicious everything I had at Zanzibella I could not fault, thoroughly enjoyed the seafood salad, jumbo prawns, lobster with a passionfruit coolie which were exquisite. The hotel has a beautiful infinity pool with Indian ocean views and in-water bar stools by the bar where you can sit and enjoy cocktails for several hours and still swim which I utilised to capacity. The live music in the evening was a wonderful touch terms of entertainment.

Several activities are available in Kiwengwa and the surrounding area, including cycling, biking, canoes which are offered by the hotel. Took a walk up the beach to the pier to get a different perspective as the tide was low then sat back on the swing to take in the beautiful turquoise views.

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