Pandemic Times: Life, Living & Lateral Flow

One day in December, after avoiding covid for two years came into contact with someone that had it. Took a lateral flow that came back negative days passed by had no symptoms then suddenly woke up feeling incredibly ill with so much pain in my chest which felt like it was on fire, the feeling in my throat was as though something sharp was lodged there, making it difficult for me to talk, swallow, drink, and eat. Went in for another lateral flow test, which came back positive and immediately isolated myself in a room with open windows and had a mask on the majority of the time, once I found out. Thankful that I was able to get back on my feet after a week and was very well taken care of.

Tried to finish every meal I was given, took my medication, vitamins and had lots of liquids as much as I could swallow. Throughout the entire week, I was extremely fatigued and slept the most. My body felt like it was constantly fighting against me. When all symptoms were finally clear took a final polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test which was negative. Taking the tests wasn’t cheap for each one done the cost accumulated. It seems odd that the lateral flow and PCR have to be paid for when the vaccine is free. What happens to people who can not afford to get tested for covid?

As much as the way we travel has remained basically the same in other terms things have changed PCRs are now part of the travel restrictions. I understand that when you travel it’s a must to get tested which most African countries implemented earlier on as a travel requirement. Now when you travel the Africa Centre for Disease Control has a checklist of travel requirements for each country you travel to. Some want PCRs to be within the 24 hour period validity while others say 72 hours.

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  1. Karen says:

    The Pandemic Times Post is very informative to the general public most especially to the ones planing to travel abroad. It gives very great insight on the cost of taking Covid test, unfortunately which many can’t afford as alluded to in the post. Thanks Point Of Lu for sharing and always looking forward to more posts.


    1. Lu says:

      Thanks for stopping by. True though what happens to those that cannot afford PCRs, or those in places with no access to test for covid but have symptoms.


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