A Moroccan Lunch at Dar Lalla


After taking a wrong turn, came across this place which actually turned out to be very convenient because I was famished and have been wanting some Moroccan food for a very long time and finally got it. Located in the Lilayi area of Lusaka away front the hustle and bustle of the city, this restaurant offers a wonderful selection of authentic flavours on its menu. Several Moroccan references can be found throughout the interior and exterior of this place, with the most impressive feature being a picture wall illustrating some Moroccan history. The place has a very homey vibe together with a slight minimalist vibe, allowing the space and food to speak for themselves, with the massive garden providing a tranquil backdrop.

Really loved the centrepiece vases filled with fresh flowers from the garden. Having a fresh apple, cucumber, and mint juice was a great way to start the meal, and we followed that up with the eggplant, spinach, tomato relish, chilli, and lentil platter, it is amazing how simple ingredients work so well together to create something so tasty that is served with a hot, light and soft flatbread that is designed to soak up the sauce generously. Our main lunch was beef kofta wraps and chips with vegetables on the side equally fresh and filling.

Really wanted to purchase one of the ceramic tagine pots which were on sale since they are great for making stews and casseroles, as all the flavourful ingredients are sealed inside the pot and, if there is any moisture coming from sauces or vegetables, the moisture will rise up the sides of the lid in an impressive spiral pattern, self-basting and flavour enhancing, but they only had the small sized ones. I plan to return to this hidden gem again in the future so as to have a little snooze on the hammock after eating.

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