Ducks, Iced Tea & Photography Club

Our last physical camera club meeting took place months ago, apart from our monthly zoom meetings. Now that social gatherings of more than a certain number of people are allowed, we are rotating the meetings in different neighbourhoods in Lusaka so as not to always be in one location at a time, giving people a chance to come if they can’t make it to every meeting. We gathered at Mint Cafe at Sandy’s Creations in Makeni and had a good old discussion slash catch up over teas and coffees as we did a run through of the theme of the month which was, mist. A playground for kids is available at the location, making it a family-friendly setting. It was delightful to watch the ducks in the pond as they went about their quacking business.

Having finished, we decided to get some food before we drove back home as Saturday is notorious for its traffic. Although I have heard good things about the cafe, I have never eaten there before. The full English breakfast ordered came with toast on the ise, and all was very pleasant. Found the strawberry iced tea to be refreshing and cold, just what was needed given the hot weather. You’ll find an interesting small gallery space on the way to the garden centre, featuring artwork created by local artists.

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