Swift Tea Break at Ciêla Resort and Spa 

It was a strangely gloomy drizzly summers morning but went to briefly see some folks playing in the charity golf tournament at Bonanza. Although the hotel has been open for a while now, have not set foot this side of town in ages and the last time I ventured there, the only thing there was a golf course, that has all certainly changed. Described as the contemporary spirit of Africa rising this 249-room luxury hotel is located on a picturesque 100-hectare estate that features an 18-hole golf course. Having had a walk around I get the essence of what it is they try to capture in Ciêla Resort and Spa.

After my wonder to check out what is on offer at the spa, can honestly say that the space as a whole is nice and very spacious there is a lot of walking involved which I did not mind doing. From the little time spent there the staff are very welcoming and pleasant. Wish I was given a pot of tea for the generous amount of soy milk I got not just a cup. On the plus side they did have soy milk which is always gratifying when I go out as mentioned several times.

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