Gone Fishing to Lower Zambezi

The rainy season is now over which means most of the remote lodges and resorts are officially open and back in business. One of the best places for fishing is Lower Zambezi because it is quiet, not much phone signal, secluded and the views are awesome. Stayed at Mvuu (pronounced Mmmmmvvvuuuu) Lodge which is located within the Chiawa area next to the Zambezi National Park overlooking the mighty Zambezi River with stunning views of the escarpment when you are on the water.

Our very well informed guide Adwell, made sure that coffee and tea was packed and ready to go before six in the morning then we sped off into the sunrise because the early bird catches the worm. Admittedly, I don’t have the best fishing reputation as in I never catch anything but I still like doing it in the hope that one day I will. Did not disappoint on this occasion because the fish just ate up my bait, so close yet so far. Did not come close to catching the famous tiger fish found in the waters, perhaps maybe it was my fishing stance that scared them away.

According to the mythology of the local Tonga tribe they believe in Nyami Nyami, the River God, protector of the river who is believed to be a serpent-like creature and legend has it that the water stains red when he swims past. Maybe I should have given the statue a little rub for a fishing blessing.

The water current was so strong that we would drift quickly and the weather got chilly at some point so gave up after almost 5 hours of fishing, but it was an absolute delight to be out on the water so early to see the sunrise, chat and enjoy the view whilst drinking tea. The bonus was that we got to have a mini safari on the boat and saw the largest crocodile ever, hippos all day then caught some walking in formation from the swamp patch, elephants up close, a bit too close for comfort at one point and a herd of buffalo that was staring back at us.

After brunch went to relax at the chalet which faces the water where you literally see Zimbabwe from across the river. It is a really peaceful and serene place on the edge of the Zambezi river glad that Mvuu is described as the place of the hippo because you definitely hear some of them before you see them. By the time we finished dinner it was time to look to the sky, stargazing looking at the highly visible milky way. A word of caution, wildlife do roam freely in these parts you require an escort to your room at night because you are in a national park.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Priscilla Shaw says:

    That must have been a good experience- beautiful photographs to illustrate it, too.


    1. Lu says:

      It was really good. Hippos kept popping up in the water which was a bit scary.


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