Travel: A Brief Pit Stop at Gwabi River Lodge

Had such a marvellous time away in Lower Zambezi, we were well taken care of, sad to say goodbye to the river views, the sunbathing monitor lizard near our chalet and noisy hippos that always woke us up early in the morning. Decided to change the route and use the normal windy road through Chirundu town when coming back to Lusaka. It is about a two hour drive from Mvuu to Chirundu town on a gravel road before you reach the main tar.

It was a very hot day, needed an ice cold drink so made a quick stop by the river first to view the Kafue River flowing under the bridge and one of the things that stands out is the fact that all along the way, this is the only tarred bit before them main road. Afterwards stopped over at Gwabi River Lodge because it has been years since I went there and as it is one of the first lodges to be situated in Lower Zambezi Valley had to check to see what has changed.

From there you see a different view of the Kafue river and it is so quiet there glad we stopped by.

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