Catchup and Cocktails At Latitude 15

Just realised before meeting a friend who I haven’t seen in a year for some socially distanced cocktails that it has been close to two years since I stepped foot inside Latitude 15 degrees. Masked up I went ahead, first thing when you arrive at the gate is a temperature check then once that’s an appropriate number, hands sanitized then you give security your name for track and trace just in case, as is the standard these days of health and safety to ensure both guests and employees are in a safe environment.

My opinion still remains the same Latitude has a great ambiance and the style of the place is still marvellous. Only now do I appreciate the outdoor seating more which they have always had even before the pandemic and that is why it made sense to have cocktails in the sun there.

Never underestimate the power of a good catch up and giggle with friend, which was much required and very long overdue. The sunshine got pretty hot had to move indoors which luckily wasn’t that busy. Had a rather enjoy afternoon might go back for a meal as I was told they now have a new chef.

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