Dry January: Non Alcoholic Options


Whether you are taking part in Dry January by skipping on drinking for 31 days or just looking for non alcoholic options I have a few suggestions. One thing I find a little frustrating with most Zambian establishments is there are no options for those that don’t drink it’s either a soft drink or nothing else but I guess it’s easier to stock more popular drinks that sell. You do however find a small selection in some supermarkets otherwise you make it yourself because let’s be real it is expensive to constantly order stuff online especially with the rate of the dollar right now.

Sparkling Rose

Mango & Grape Sparking Drink

Lemon & Soda Water

Lime Cordial and Soda Water

Think I will keep the momentum going all year so if you have any other recommendations let me know.

Red Grape Juice

White Grape Nectar

Peach Malt

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