Girls Trip to Scorching Siavonga

After having major cabin fever had to get away with friends in my bubble for a few days just to relax by the beach. Driving with the girls laughing and joking away on the long windy road to Siavonga which is only three hours away from Lusaka didn’t feel that long. The town itself lies on the north shore of Lake Kariba in the Southern Province of Zambia and is known primarily for fishing.

The lake is the main tourist attraction with boating and fishing tours on offer but also be sure to beware of the crocodiles. You can see the fishing boats during the day and at night with their lights on as far as Zimbabwe over the horizon in picture below, which is fascinating to see especially at sunset.

It is so scorching hot in Siavonga in the summer that I got burnt within three minutes of arriving in 40+ degree heat, didn’t help matters that I forgot to wear sunscreen. So, immediately after check in at Lake Safari Lodge turned on the air conditioning to cool down.

The lodge has two separate swimming pool areas which is great because one is a bit more private with a view of the lake. We went out one night to eat at a small restaurant that had the largest fish I have ever eaten, annoyingly the size does not project very well in the picture. It was the tastiest fish with lemon and salt, simple but flavoursome I was in awe real same couldn’t finish eating it. Definitely a trip that needed to be had as made me realise just how much we took a good laugh and human contact for granted.

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  1. Really love the pictures Lu! Especially the rustic feel. Cheers to new adventures.

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    1. Lu says:

      Thank you glad to hear it. We will see where the next adventure takes us.


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