A Hands on Experience at the Korean Restaurant

Not entirely sure if it has a name because couldn’t see one on the wall but regardless, finally made it to the the Korean Restaurant on Kudu Road in Kabulonga. This place was recommended to me by a friend and it did not disappoint had no clue what to expect was told it is in their top five places to eat in Lusaka so gave it a go, only a year later. Like the fact that there is a demarcation in between diners obviously for social distancing purposes.

Wish I had gone there early it is definitely something different and fun, brings togetherness plus encourages teamwork so to speak. The concept is simple, order your selection of meats from the menu and cook it yourself barbeque style which is all set in the middle of the table. The fire is brought once you place your orders in readiness for the meat to cook.

Had a green plum drink which kind of tasted like a blend of apple and plum. The sides which were kimchi, mushrooms, nuts, chillies, garlic, bean paste and lettuce come with the meat selection which for us was chicken, steak and pork all marinated to perfection and so tender once cooked.

Now that I have been there I know not to be overdressed but to wear jeans and be ready to cut the meat in time for the bowl with my chopsticks. Simply delicious and fun, good for groups of people not looking for something too formal all within a reasonable price tag.

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  1. Now I’m hungry.
    Great review and pics.

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    1. Lu says:

      Lol I’m hungry thinking about how well marinated that meat was. Thank you!

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