Walking Close to the Edge of the Victoria Falls

By the time the gate to the falls was opening at eight in the morning it was already 33º C and I was melting before the walk with our guide had started. Nevertheless it was another memorable experience actually walking on top of the mighty Victoria Falls which is shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Affectionately goes by the local name Mosi-oa-Tunya translated to the ‘Smoke that Thunders’ because at its peak it makes a thunderous sound and you will get proper drenched from the spitting water.

The marvelous Zambezi River falls into a series of zigzag patterned gorges which is an astounding natural architecture. Really gives you a different view walking where falls actually spills over the edge compared to watching it flow. Obviously this can only be done during the dry season not at its peak because that would be dangerous and is only possible on the Zambian side.

Although I was not brave enough to go for a swim at the part of the falls they call Devil’s Pool very glad that I got my morning steps in. Really cool seeing two rainbows or maybe it was one not sure there was one on top and one at the bottom. If you do go to the Falls please visit the curio market show your support in these desperate times because covid has really affected the small businesses of the local craftsmen there.

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