Feeding Time with the Park Giraffes

Every morning I had breakfast with the most splendid view of the swimming pool combined with blue skies which was just lush to look at. That said, must say that this has been one of the more special and memorable trips I have had to Livingstone because it was a completely different experience from all the other times. For one, got the chance to experience being incredibly close to a giraffe or three and that has never happened before. Only ever seen them at a distance as they are very shy creatures I am told.

The giraffes are fed at a specific time so soon after breakfast walked with the groundsman to the feeding place. It was interesting to watch as some of the giraffes shyly made their way to eat after he called and encouraged them along. The mother led the way because the four month old baby named Covid because he was born during a pandemic, wasn’t too sure but finally came long. The Zebras were funny all walking in a single file just joined in because they saw food. The wonderful thing about the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Wildlife Park being part of the hotel is that there are no poachers around which keeps the animals safe.

After an active morning it was time for afternoon tea by the peaceful river didn’t see the crocodile. Had dinner at one of the best Indian Restaurants in town and it was delicious afterwards got back to the hotel and had cocktails by the pool and admired the wall decor.

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  1. Dee Thompson says:

    Love that they named the baby Covid 🤣

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    1. Lu says:

      I know right, she’s only 4 months old so guess had to happen.


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