Light Lunch with a View at Taita Falcon Lodge

If you are not scared of heights and looking for a spectacular view, literally perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge and about 755 feet above the Zambezi River lies Taita Falcon Lodge, either way you should brave it and go there anyway. It is approximately a thirty-five minute drive from the main road off the elephant corridor in Livingstone and one way to describe the lodge is that it is secluded in the wilderness and worth the drive. I feel like the pictures do not do this place justice because it you have to see it to believe it.

Arrived there in 40º C heat and all I wanted in that moment was a very, very cold icy drink because it felt like I was melting away. The ice in my drink had melted after a few minutes but within time to cool me off slightly should have just jumped in the swimming pool which would have cooled me down as well but I required hydration fast. Ordered a light lunch as it was just fitting with the heat nothing too heavy then no ashamed to confess this but took a snooze on the comfy seats with a lovely breeze from the Zambezi. Really like the fact that everything is naturally handmade making everything blend in with the natural features of the surrounding environment making it such a peaceful place.

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