Art Plus Wildlife Gaze at the Avani Resort Hotel

Always enjoy staying at the Avani the staff are great and it’s a very family oriented environment but one thing about Livingstone is you feel that blazing summer heat early in the morning so it’s best to keep hydrated first thing. Having already been on numerous game drives must admit that the wildlife in Zambia is super impressive guess that is why the walking safari came to life here. Although I am not always a fan of animals and would rather look at them from a distance preferably through some binoculars didn’t really mind seeing them around the hotel maybe having other people around helped ease any hesitation.

The Avani Resort Hotel was built around the Mosi-o-Tunya National Wildlife National Park so each day is like a mini safari without you driving anywhere the animals are just at your doorstep grazing along minding their business which is a real treat. The park is also easily accessible from Livingstone town itself and you can explore parts of the park by car, on a guided walking safari or by boat on the Zambezi river cruise.

Particularly love walking around and looking at all the African art around the hotel and the materials used to achieve this. As long as you mind yourself and just watch the animals they don’t bother you either, you get to see monkeys walking around there was one on the pool bed at one time super funny, zebras constantly grazing on the lawns, giraffes being shy and hiding, impala doing their thing and there is one small crocodile in the river, although it didn’t sound small when I was walking past at night. Like the fact that the hotel usually gives advice on tour offers of what you can do if that’s your first visit plus all those adrenaline activities on the Zambezi River from rafting, canoeing, zip-lining, gorge swing and bungee jumping.

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  1. Dee Thompson says:

    Oh my goodness my kids would love this, zebras at the pool, how lucky are you!

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    1. Lu says:

      They really would, we really are lucky. Best not to stand too close though I hear they do kick.


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