Staycation: All Packed for Sunny Livingstone


Although October is one of the hottest summer months in Zambia and the further south you go the hotter it gets, but it had to be done I had to get out of town. Destination for the staycation was Livingstone, the town that offers you so much more than soaring temperatures and is famously known for the seventh wonder of the world the Mighty Victoria Falls. You can get there by plane, train or driving which we did and it took us a good six hours there’s road construction along the Mazabuka road which was a bit rough. I noticed that along the way the mangoes have started to get big not ripe otherwise I would have climbed every tree along the way to get as much as I could carry with me.

After leaving in the early hours of the morning had to make a quick stop to grab breakfast in Choma and while there visited the Museum where I learnt a few interesting facts to add to my knowledge pool. Arrived just before lunchtime to an air conditioned room which was very much appreciated. Really wanted to have lunch on the train but it has sadly shut down due to covid which is a reality for many businesses. Opted instead to have an iced cold drink at the Royal Livingstone Hotel while watching the Zambezi river flow which is an awesome view. Had an early dinner at the Waterfront with sundowners as we watched the sunset and thank goodness it got cooler by then.

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  1. Dee Thompson says:

    Love those bright floor tiles – enjoy your staycay!


    1. Lu says:

      I know right they had to make a cameo. Thanks will do 40 degrees yikes

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      1. Dee Thompson says:

        Wow that’s hot.

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      2. Lu says:

        Very hot

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