7th Sense Fine Dining at The Quorum

I brushed up on my table manners expeditiously the minute I got invited to experience the 7th Sense at the Quorum. To be honest fine dining does cost you a pretty penny but it is one of those meals that you will never shut up about once you have a taste. Now that lockdown restrictions have been eased like many eating establishments in Zambia right now The Quorum are covid compliant so wearing a mask in public is mandatory, temperature checked and hands sanitized before entering the premises.

First order of business of this elegant affair was cocktails at the bar with the inhouse mixologist David who advises on the best pairings to go with your food to enhance the flavours. Need to give credit where it is due because this place is bringing the fine dining experience to us and their space has been designed to create a sophisticated place for its members to go in and have a world class experience.

The music was classical with a bit of swag and not too loud, the menu focuses on a fusion of Asian influences but you also get those sous vide classics and the flavours are exceptional as well as visually stunning. When the Executive Chef came around to tell us about the food I admired each of the beautifully presented and prepared courses from the first to fourth knowing that I could never produce such precision in my home kitchen.

Making food of this quality requires a kitchen to have the right equipment and stay in the loop with bringing something fresh in terms of flavours and presentation because it is those high quality ingredients that make it a unique dining experience. The verdict is, this place is not just fancy decor and attentive servers but the food is exceptional and worth it.

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  1. Andrew Shaw says:

    The food and service is exceptional. Be careful on the cocktails as it’s easy to ring up a bill!!

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    1. Lu says:

      It really is exceptional. Cocktails are good thought thanks for the tip.


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