Photography: Nature Macro

Although we are currently not able to physically meet for the Camera Chat Group Lusaka meetings still once a month via Zoom and submissions are made online for now to be safe. Last month’s assignment was on Nature Macro Photography, which is a unique form of photography that involves photographing small objects to make them look life-sized or larger. The photographers in the group really stepped up to the challenge to give their very best and I’m always amazed with what they come up with each time.

There was so many entries and each fantastic in it’s own right but there could only be one winning photo, which was the fly. What an amazing capture firstly because flies don’t keep still for long and secondly the amount of detail captured and the richness of colours brought out is just incredible. I will never look at a fly the same again that’s for sure even when it is being annoying.

Winner – Enoch Jos Wetsy

Here are the other ones that got the most votes although each entry was just fantastic to look at. If you ever want to join us, you do not have to be a pro at photography a sprinkle of passion and an open mind will do because at the end of the day we are all there to learn from each other.

Barbara Ingram
Barbara Ingram
David Brown

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew Shaw says:

    Another astounding crop of photos!


    1. Lu says:

      Really is fantastic


  2. Pat says:

    The first one, assume it is yours, pulled me right in. It is beautiful and I never thought about photographing rain drops in order to magnify the texture beneath. The color is also beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lu says:

      Afraid it is not mine as I did not participate in this topic but thought all the pictures submitted were too brilliant not to share.


      1. Pat says:

        I am so glad you shared them.


      2. Lu says:

        Me too


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