Nurturing My Green Fingers

At long last I have succeeded in nurturing my green fingers and have produce from the garden. Once you learn to grow your own vegetables it’s a whole other level of achieved satisfaction and just a great feeling that you were dedicated enough to not let them wither away. It is also nice to just grab a lettuce straight from the ground when you want to make a no fuss salad. Here are all the vegetables and herbs that we have managed to grow so far all came down to team effort.

Bean Sprouts

These were the easiest of all as used a hessian sprout bag to grown fresh sprouts which were ready and sprouted by day 5. First you sterilize the bag by placing it in boiling water for about 5 minutes then hang it out to dry completely.

Soak the sprout seeds for 8 – 12 hours, rinse them well afterwards, then place them in the dried bag on a hook so that the water can run off. The tricky part is remembering to soak the bag in water twice a day until they sprout out but I did it.

Cherry Tomatoes

Not everyone is a fan of tomatoes but I love them can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner so they had to be planted.


This does not that long to start budding which is great and love the smell of it.


Wonderful to use when making curries and to add to hummus gives it a different flavour.

Butternut Squash

Squash was a must have because butternut soup is a must around here. This was planted using the seeds scoped from another butternut then spread out to dry completely then planted.


The peppery nature of rocket brings a salad or pizza alive in my opinion.


Handy to have in the garden because it doesn’t go off that fast compared to when you buy it.

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