Dinner the Quorum Way

I was a bit nervous about going out to eat but very glad that I did because I had a good time and of course my first outing in four months had to be done in style at The Quorum.

This swanky spot only just recently opened their doors and the only place opened for now is the restaurant on the top floor, now you know when the waiters are wearing white gloves to serve and the chef comes out with those presentation tweezers to explain each dish and the flavours infused it is going to be exquisite and it was. The food was beautifully presented aesthetically making me super exciting to see what the fine dining bit will offer when it is all up and running. The portions were just right and afterwards still left me satisfied.

I now need to burst your bubble because it is a members only place but the perks are fabulous. The quorum has brought that world-class service and presentation that was without a doubt missing on the Lusaka scene and it’s worth every penny.

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