Spying on Animals in Chisamba

Happy new decade! It being the holidays and all I have had a few weeks off and as it has been a while since the last road trip it was time for another one. Destination, Protea Hotel Safari Lodge in Chisamba been a while since my last trip there but it was good to go for a drive and have a walk around to get rid of that holiday weight.

Chisamba is a small farming town north of Lusaka and depending on traffic is about 45-minute drive give or take.

The hotel is within its own private game reserve which is about 2500 acres, it was sad to see how the river has dried up a lot from last time due to the poor rainy season we have experienced. One of the good things about this place is that you are always guaranteed animals walking about giving you that mini safari experience.

Haven’t stayed at the hotel before have always just been for lunch and to spy on the animals. It was a blazing hot day and there was a cool breeze in the gardens which is surrounded by plenty of trees the cold drinks helped cool us down after the leisurely walk to see the lions. The food was buffet style because of the time of year, it tends to get busy at times so make a booking before you go.

Overall it is a very relaxing atmosphere ideal for a weekend getaway where you can see monkeys being mischievous, watch the birds fly by, bush buck roaming the grounds but do not be alarmed as the animals tend to wander around on the lawn especially the kudu, but rest assured that they are tame the lions, however, are in an enclosure, phew!

This hotel makes an ideal weekend getaway destination with plenty outdoor activities so hopefully I lost some weight.

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